Police hunt for child abductor


Police after kidnapper


A kidnapper is on the most wanted list of the Ciudad Lineal police department after two young children were abducted in separate incidents.


Law enforcement officials have launched a manhunt to locate the whereabouts of the criminal following the two kidnappings that have shocked Madrid.

The kidnapper first struck in April, when he tricked a nine-year-old girl into getting in his car. He drove her away, held her for five hours and later abandoned her near a subway station. She was reportedly in good health, but still underwent a thorough medical examination to determine whether she had been abused.

Now it seems he has done it again.

The victim, six, was kidnapped near Ascao, when she was playing near a store her parents own.

More than four hours later, a passer-by found her crying in a state of shock on Jazmin street, seven kilometres from where she was taken. It was 11.30pm.

The girl could barely speak and the woman alerted the police. The six-year old was taken to the La Paz hospital where doctors examined her.

She was kidnapped at around 7pm. She was playing on the street with her older brother, 11. The kidnapper purportedly tricked the little girl into following him and used a ruse to gain her trust.

As stated by one of the witnesses, “two men were watching her play. One of them was grey-haired and looked 40 or 50, the other man was blonde and younger. The older man gave the girl some rubber bands like the ones used to make bracelets, while the younger man talked to her brother to distract him.” Then she was gone.

The father realised she was nowhere to be found and alerted his wife. The neighbours joined the search and called the police.

It appears the kidnapper used a similar modus operandi: he tricked the girls into getting in his car, sedated them with pills, kept them in a flat for some hours, gave them a bath and abandoned them near a subway station.





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