Vodafone to launch new holiday price plan


Vodafone is set to launch a new price plan across Europe, including popular holiday destinations such as Spain, Italy, Greece and France.

The new plan, set to come into effect from July 2, will replace its roaming charges with a flat daily fee, allowing all Pay As You Go (PAYG) customers to use their existing UK price plan of voice minutes and texts along with 100MB of data for £2 per day while travelling in 17 countries.

All existing customers will only pay for the days they use their mobile abroad, and can opt-in for no extra cost. Users will also not be charged to receive calls and texts.

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Once the data limit is reached, a free text alert will allow the users to know how much they have spent, meaning that once they hit their monthly limit overseas, a text or call must be send to Vodafone customer services in order to continue using their mobile internet.

This is the latest in a series of promotional campaigns from Vodafone, looking to cut the cost of mobile devices abroad.

The British telecommunications company announced last month that the cost of European calls will be dropped from 24.5p to 18.7p and text messages from 8.1p to 5.8p.  


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