Message from the King wings in


Young Josh was attending a session at a specialised school for children with autism, when he came up with the idea of sending a paper plane to the King of Spain.

The eight-year-old said he wanted to fly his paper plane all the way to Spain. So, with the help and guidance from his therapist Philip Dowling, Josh wrote a letter asking the King of Spain to fly his royal gift around the royal palace of La Zarzuela.

Josh, who was diagnosed with autism when he was six, was delighted after he received a reply just two days after King Juan Carlos abdicated from the Spanish throne.


His mum Roselle Delahaye, from Bolton, said: “I was amazed, I didn’t even know he had done it. I could not believe the King of Spain replied. He has taken the time to reply and Josh was really excited.”

Mr Dowling, the therapist working at Westmorland School in Chorley, Lancashire, UK, said Josh’s plane has not finished its journey just yet, as it will soon be winging its way to US president Barack Obama.


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