Tensions escalate over Gibraltar


Visitor numbers to Gibraltar have fallen significantly as result of Spanish border controls causing hours-long delays.

Reports released by a European Commission inspector last November suggest that the checks established by the Spanish government were within the law.

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The British foreign Office has raised doubts over the matter as the visits to monitor the continuing delays were previously announced to the Spanish government.

The UK government wants the European Commission to make unannounced visits to monitor the legality of the border check.

“Since the beginning of the disruption last summer, the Government has raised this issue regularly with the European Commission,” a government representative said. “We want them to go back and carry out more inspections but without arranging it in advance.”

The Spanish authorities argue that the border controls are imperative in order to prevent smuggling of tobacco and other goods across the border.

Government insiders suspect the Spanish aggression towards Gibraltar is purposely designed to distract attention from Spain’s domestic problems, ranging from allegations of government corruption to its high unemployment rate.

Between January to May there have been 185 incursions into Gibraltar’s waters by Spanish vessels, a number which has more than doubled in a year.


  1. “…the Spanish aggression towards Gibraltar is purposely designed to distract attention from Spain’s domestic problems…” I said that the first day it started and to me it should be obvious to anyone.
    It is time the Spanish authorities started cracking down on their OWN people i.e. those working in Gib, because they are the ones responsible for 95% of the smuggling.
    The police can stop and search vehicles outside the border exit gate instead of jamming it up and making ordinary people wait for hours.
    This current attitude is shameful and will still not get them sovereignty over Gibraltar.

  2. I do hope our government vetoes the Spanish UN bid – or at least doesn’t vote for them. Mind you, after the vote, whether they get the seat or not, there will be a doubling of trouble from them. Either through arrogance at having a seat at the top table, or in revenge for not getting one.

  3. Dear friends,
    Gibraltar is an inalienable Colony (according to the UN and the International Law) of the UK, located on southern spanish territory, so you can enjoy your 7km2 of rock as you wish.
    The main problem here is that Gibraltar does not have territorial waters or airspace. Our security forces are legally allowed to patrol maritime areas and air space surrounding the rock.
    Have a nice day!!!

  4. Spanish aggressive tactics are quite laughable really. Without with incursions into British waters continuing it is clear Spain are provoking Gibraltar. There is nothing Spain can really do to hurt this sovereign region. Firstly your nations Military are not on a par with the British and economically your tourist trade rely on british holidaymakers. So crossing over a small stretch of land then running away from the Royal Navy is quite funny, or taking photos of divers holding a Spanish flag in Gibraltar waters is ridiculously silly. That is after all, all that Spain can do. 🙂

    As you actions have little effect, you cried mutual support with the Argentinians 🙂 how is that working for you? Lol. Hope morocco get their piece of land from you in Northern Africa! After all it is theirs! Lol


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