Mi Marbella on RTV Marbella


We hope you’ll join us on RTV Marbella for the new English language radio programme  “Mi Marbella”.


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The town hall and RTV Marbella will share invaluable information on local laws, legalities, news and events for residents and tourists of all nationalities.


On Wednesdays there will be weekly interviews with Jose Luis Hernández, the Tourism councillor, and other local officials to help make the foreign residents feel they belong in Marbella, get more involved and make the most of what Marbella has to offer.


One of CIT Marbella’s 500+ associated companies will be a guest every Thursday


Listeners will be able to submit questions regarding anything, including “empadronamiento”, voting, driving licences, building permits and these will be passed on either to the town hall to ensure that you get the correct response from the corresponding official, or addressed on Fridays by Raquel Perez or Myra Azzopardi, Mi Marbella’s legal and financial consultants.


We also hope to further promote the interaction and collaboation between people/companies of all nationalities with the one thing we all have in common: “we’re all Marbellís” so there will be lots of other great interviews too with local businesses and personalities from our ‘Costapolitan’ community.


The programme is broadcasting on the official Marbella Town Hall radio frequency 107,6 fm and worldwide on www.rtvmabella.tv.


This is an exciting project for Marbella and we hope that you’ll enjoy sharing the experience with us.  Please follow us on Facebook:



MiMarbella – Wednesdays – Thursdays – Fridays 3.30pm – 5.00pm

107,6fm – www.rtvmarbella.tv


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