SPAIN will have a new King on Thursday


Crown Prince Felipe, 46, will be enthroned as the new King of Spain on Thursday 19.

In what will be an austere and low-key ceremony, in keeping with the country’s frugal stance amidst the economic crisis, the new monarch will be crowned without religious ceremony. No foreign dignitaries have been invited either. Spanish royalists have frowned upon the planned discreet ceremony.

The king-in-waiting himself has reportedly requested that his proclamation be a simple affair.


Nevertheless, there will be a military procession, in front of Spanish politicians, and the new king and queen are expected to present themselves to the public from the Royal Palace’s balcony in Madrid.

Prince Felipe will ascend to the Spanish throne following the unexpected abdication of his father, King Juan Carlos. Juan Carlos’s coronation took place in 1975 after Franco’s death.

The abdication sparked calls throughout the country for a referendum on the future of Spain’s monarchy and for a new republic to be established. 


  1. Your report of the coronation plans and protests seems to be accurate. But I suggest that the scaled-down ceremony has more to do with unpopularity than with economic crisis. I can add that the protests on the day are likely to be massive. It seems that many millions of citizens wanted a referendum. All this only highlights how out-of-tune the monarchy is with the people, and how absurd it is to insist on imposing yet another unelected head-of-state.


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