Missing Amy Fitzpatrick’s stepdad to visit Spain for vigil


THE stepfather of missing Irish teenager Amy Fitzpatrick is due to travel to Spain despite being accused of killing her brother.

David Mahon, who is accused of murdering Dean Fitzpatrick, is set to visit Spain for a vigil and attend Mass for Amy.

Dean Fitzpatrick is the brother of the 15-year-old Irish girl, missing from the Costa del Sol since 2008. He was found fatally stabbed last May, in an apartment at Burnell Square in Northern Cross, Dublin.


The Irish High Court announced the decision to have Mr Mahon’s bail conditions relaxed, and have his passport returned to him between December 17 and January 5, 2015, so he can organise and attend a vigil and Mass for Amy during Christmas.

The siblings resettled in Spain with their mother, Audrey and her partner, Mr Mahon in 2004.

Amy Fitzpatrick went missing near midnight on New Year’s Day 2008, while walking home from a friend’s house on Mijas Costa on the Costa del Sol. She had been babysitting and was walking a short distance home to Riviera. Following her disappearance, a search involving hundreds of people was launched amidst speculation this was not an abduction.

In August 2008, the home of Mr Mahon was broken into, a laptop involved in her search and Amy Fitzpatrick’s mobile phone were stolen. The family’s lawyer believes the burglaries were related to Fitzpatrick’s disappearance, as all the expensive valuables like computers and music equipment were left untouched, while they took financially worthless documents.


  1. Well this report is incorrect! The burglary was meant to have happened at their lawyer’s house? And Amy’s mother appeared on Irish TV thereafter in possession of Amy’s mobile phone?? Also, Amy’s friend who she was babysitting with the night she disappeared said that Amy had her mobile phone with her on New Year’s Eve to call people and wish them a Happy New Year …… ?


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