Fans camp out for free furniture


A lucrative promotional campaign by IKEA has attracted a long queue of over 100 people, outside their new flagship store in the municipality of Alfarfa, Valencia.

The Swedish furniture retailer was offering anyone through the doors before 10am a guaranteed prize, with the first person securing a cash prize of €500. An additional €100 wasto be awarded to the next 100 customers dressed in their signature blue and yellow.

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The prize will be presented in the form of gift cards, which the winners can later spend in-store.

The surprise did not end here, as a live draw also took place inside the new store, which gave away 11 trolleys of free goods.

The arrival of IKEA’s new store saw hundreds of impatient customers dressed in blue and yellow, queuing outside the new establishment in makeshift tents as part of the three day wait. 


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