Costa del Sol Showbiz Marriage


Tenor Stephen Lloyd-Morgan and his partner Nick Holland-Morgan announce their plans to marry this Christmas


We are delighted to be able to congratulate the Costa del Sol’s popular tenor Stephen Lloyd-Morgan and his partner Nick Holland-Morgan on the announced of their plans to marry this Christmas. Steve and Nick have been together 14 years and this May celebrated the 3rd anniversary of their civil partnership and now they intend to marry after same-sex marriage was legalised earlier this year.

Nick said, “Our Civil Partnership ceremony and celebrations in 2011 was the best day ever and we couldn´t hope nor would we want to beat that, but getting married this December is just our personal way of now being able to continue to celebrate our relationship. It will be very low key with no fuss this time.”

Nick proposed to Steve this week by means of a video message he´d made, which subsequent to Steve of course saying yes, was posted to Facebook and was met by hundreds of best wishes and congratulations by family and friends who were equally delighted by the good news!


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