Copper cable thieves caught


National Police in Malaga have caught two people who now stand accused of the robbery of more than 1,500 kilos of copper cabling stolen from a quarry in Igualeja, Malaga.

The cabling was found in an abandoned farm house along with the stolen vehicle which the thieves used in the course of their robberies and to transport the cabling.

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The investigation started when the owner of the abandoned farm house called the police to let them know that his house was being used by two individuals to store items which he knew nothing about, among them a lot of copper cabling.

The police then put surveillance in place and waited until someone turned up – they didn’t have to wait long as the very next day they observed two people unloading more items into the abandoned house. When the two individuals were questioned as to the origins of the copper cabling they were unable to explain where it had come from.

The two suspects, a 23-year-old man and a 27-year-old woman, stand accused of robbery of both the cabling and the van.

All the cabling has been returned to its rightful owners at the quarry.


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