Christina and Britney in drugs link


From pop idols to codenames for drugs, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera have discovered that their names have been used as code names in various US drugs deals.

The NYPD law enforcement conducted a 10-month investigation into a massive drug ring based in New York and uncovered the information during a cocaine bust.  Authorities had tapped the trafficker’s phones and discovered that the undisputed queens of early 2000s pop have expanded their brand, with their names associated with hardcore drugs.

“Britney” was referred to by the drug traffickers as crack cocaine, while the higher quality powdered cocaine was termed “Christina Aguilera”.


Some celebrities are not strangers to the murky world of drugs, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton have also been used as code names for drugs in the past and fellow celebrities have historically made hidden drug references in their music such as Miley Cyrus, rapper Jay-Z and of course The Beatles.

More than two dozen men and women associated with the drug rings were arrested on Tuesday, several dealers also allegedly sold the pop-music-themed drugs with children nearby, including a defendant who at the time of arrest, had a “house full of cocaine” with his two daughters inside.

Overall, 25 people were charged with 340 counts of drug trafficking, according to the Attorney General office.


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