Two big ships crash in Algeciras

BAY OF ALGECIRAS: scene of the crash

TWO ENORMOUS ships crashed into each other in the bay of Algeciras with no loss of life.

The Lesheng, a Chinese registered container ship, is 169 metres long and was carrying 19,600 tons of nickel – the Capemet, a ‘bull carrier’ registered in Panama, is 290 metres long and was empty at the time of the crash. It is unknown as yet whether either ship is taking on water.

The two merchant ships collided as they were performing manoeuvres in the bay, the cause of the crash is still unclear but the maritime services are investigating.


The Lesheng was arriving in the bay of Algeciras and crashed its prow into the back of the Capemet which was leaving Gibraltar waters at the time.

The Leshing is currently not sea worthy, due to serious damage to its prow, and will be staying in Algeciras for repairs.

Neither ship has spilled anything into the waters of the bay.



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