Arrests over false immigration paperwork

Photo: Spain's Policia Nacional.
Police have made a number of arrests over fake documents for immigrants.

National Police have detained 127 people and charged another 133 with illegally introducing Chinese immigrants into Spain. The 133 stand accused of falsifying paperwork and fraud.



Hacienda (Inland Revenue Service) has calculated that the operation has defrauded them of around €3.5 million.

Of the 127 detained, nine people also stand accused of ‘favouring individual immigration’ and belonging to an organised crime group. The detentions and charges have taken place all over the country from Zaragoza to Palencia and Madrid to Merida.

The original arrests took place in October of last year when the police became aware of the heads of the organisation whose criminal activities were centred on the falsification and sale of residence cards to the illegal Chinese community.

The organisation would sell the immigrants fake residence cards, fake inscription cards (empadronamientos) and fake medical cards, all, in theory, expedited by the council of Zaragoza.


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