Smuggling hashish in nappies

Photo: Policia Nacional.
A total of 938 pellets of hasish were found.

National Police in Antequera have detained three people for hiding 57 pellets of hashish in a baby’s nappy and another 881 either in their car or residences. The three detained, one man and two women, were travelling with two minors in the vehicle when they were stopped by the police.

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A total of 938 pellets, weighing approximately 10 kilos, were intercepted in the same operation; 88 were found between the baby’s nappies and the dirty nappies that were in the car, 192 pellets were found inside the bodies of two of those detained and another 658 were found when the suspect’s houses were searched.

Police first suspected the car when it failed to stop at a routine traffic stop on the Bobadilla to Antequera road. After being flagged down by the police it accelerated and tried to get away but was soon chased down and searched by the officers.

As soon as they stopped the car they found the first pellets in dirty nappies which were in the glove box and, as the search went on, they found more and more.

The driver, a man of 42, and the two women, 39 and 47, all stand accused of crimes against public health.


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