Google agrees to erase search results

Photo: Cordon Press.
Google has agreed to erase search results after an EU court ruling.

Following a recent EU ruling, internet giant Google has put in place an option for users to erase disputed search results. The company is bowing to a European court ruling which has upheld ‘the right to be forgotten’ by online search engines.



Google has put in place an option for users to request censorship of links to information which they believe contains outdated or damaging information.  

With each request, Google will weigh the privacy right s of the individual against the public’s right to know about the information.

Users can fill out an online request form, which asks for copies of the URL in question, reasons why the search results should be removed and photo ID to prove the individual’s identity.

Google said in a statement: “We’re creating an expert advisory committee to take a thorough look at these issues. We’ll also be working with data protection authorities and others as we implement this ruling.”


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