Crime group dismantled in Valencia

National police dismantle drugs gang

National Police have dismantled a group in Valencia which was dedicated to drug trafficking, swindling, falsifying documents and violent robberies; 13 people have been detained.



The group had two marihuana plantations and ran this operation alongside a series of swindles perpetrated on large shops in which they would arrange finance for the purchase of expensive electrical goods with false paperwork.

According to a National Police spokesperson the operation started in November last year when they became aware of a group of people who were distributing drugs in Alzira, Gandia and Oliva – all in the province of Valencia.

It was during these investigations that the police discovered that some members of the group were also swindling large shops with false documentation. They also came across connections between the group and a violent robbery which took place in late March in which a kilo of cocaine and €36,000 were stolen from a rival gang.

So far four women and nine men have been detained and 1,498 marihuana plants, 830 grams of marihuana, six grams of crystal meth, 62 grams of cocaine, two fake pistols, €52,000 in cash, a fake Guardia Civil badge, a car, a motorcycle, eight mobile phones and two computers have been confiscated.

Police now consider the operation to be closed as they have no proof of any other people being involved.


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