“Bolivarian alternatives a catastrophe for Spain”

Jose Cepeda
Felipe Gonzales.

Ex-President Felipe Gonzalez has commented that a ‘Bolivarian’ alternative, like the newly successful political party Podemos, would be a catastrophe for the country. He made this comment at a presentation of the Foundation for Alternative Democracy in Spain (FADE) while at the same time refusing to comment on the poor performance of his own party, the PSOE, which did spectacularly badly in the recent EU elections.


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The main aim of the FADE is to discuss democracy without politics and this year’s conference was mainly preoccupied with discussing the widening gap between the people and the political elite.

Gonzalez was pessimistic about the political stagnancy that Spain is currently going through and commented that Spanish politics, as well as world politics, had “bottomed out” but would get going again very soon.

The ex-president closed his talks with another reference to Podemos saying that they are offering a ‘Utopian’ future which would be impossible to attain, he dismissed the new political force, which won five seats in the EU elections, as “Bolivarian revolutionaries making impossible promises.”

He went on to remind those present that Spain had already had a similar popular social movement in 1968 when the population protested the government and then later discovered that the offers made by the social alternative parties were always empty.


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