Potbellied porkers pose problems

BIG PROBLEM: This little piggy will grow even bigger.

Around  70 potbellied Vietnamese pigs have colonised Benidorm’s semi-rural Armanello district. There has been a wave of complaints from hotels and apartment blocks where they can be found rootling for food.


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They have also been involved in traffic mishaps in Avenida de la Comunidad Valenciana and Avenida Bernat de Sarria.

The town hall’s Public Safety department has now carried out two culls and dispatched a total of 23 pigs.

They were lured to a pen with food, shot by skilled marksmen and their carcases taken to a Vulture Rescue Centre near Alcoy. More culls will follow, confirmed Public Safety councillor Carlos Lopez.

Most would have been bought as pets but were abandoned when they literally begin to outgrow their welcome, a local vet explained.

Vietnamese pigs are often confused with miniature pigs or are bought as a cheaper alternative, as they can cost as little as €15 compared with €200 for a micro-pig. 

They can weigh 100 kilos when fully grown and reproduce very quickly with a gestation period of 114 days and litters of up to 12 piglets.


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