Javea horizon cleared of trees

Javea Coast: Much remains wooded and unspoiled.

Luxury villas require luxury views and trees that threaten to mar them are disappearing. This is especially noticeable in Javea on exclusive plots above the Barraca beach where pines are illegally lopped and often felled without town hall permission.


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The real estate sector in general might still be feeling the pinch of the economic crisis, but the luxury end of the market has hardly been affected.

Uninterrupted sea views ensure that already high prices rise still higher.

The increasingly common practice has been going on for some time, Javea’s Environment department admitted.

The town hall is worried, said sources who revealed that this is beginning to pose a “serious” problem.

The same thing is happening in other zones with spectacular views, the sources said.  And as prices rise, more trees are likely to be lopped or felled.


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