Bloggers to promote Almuñecar’s charms

Bloggers have been invited to Almuñecar to blog about the area.

To boost promotion of the town in the tourism sector, Almuñecar’s Municipal Tourism Board invited well-known ‘bloggers’ to the town. As well as visiting tourism fairs in Bilbao, Castilla y Leon, Asturias and Sevilla, Almuñecar received, thanks to an agreement with website, a group of bloggers, who got to know the town during a four-day trip.

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The local Tourism coordinator, Rafael Caballero, reported that five writers for travel site ‘minube’ had visited the town to find out more about its heritage and landscape, and the natural, cultural and gastronomic attractions, in order to write about it and encourage more people to visit.

They will share their experiences and photos online, on social networking sites, photo sites and other visible platforms, using the hashtags #minubetrip  #Almuñecar y #ParaisoMediterraneo.

“The town will be promoted amongst travellers looking for rest and relax as well as activities in nature, good food, amazing landscape and a varied cultural heritage” Caballero said. 


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