USA White House name-drops top spy

Photo: Cordon Press.
Obama's staff made a - potentially dangerous - blunder.

The White House press office has made a slight error. It sent out a press release inadvertently listing the name of the top US spy in Afghanistan. The White House may have blown the operative’s cover after sending out the media-distributed list.

According to US newspaper The Washington Post, the name of the CIA’s Kabul Chief of Station was accidentally attached to a list of officials set to meet President Barack Obama during his surprise Afghanistan visit at the weekend.


Obama made the unannounced visit to Bagram Airfield on Sunday, the eve of Memorial Day, which honours America’s fallen servicemen and women.

The email – and identified officer – was sent to some 6,000 reporters by the press office.

The Washington Post’s White House bureau chief is said to have spotted the unusual listing and alerted Obama’s White House personnel.

When the mistake came to light the White House quickly distributed a new list – minus the CIA officer’s name.

Reportedly, the CIA and White House have declined to comment on the blunder. 



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