Putin stayed at Spain ‘detox spa’

Photo: Sha Wellness Clinic.
Russian PM Putin approves of Spain's Sha Wellness Clinic.

Russian president Vladimir Putin has reportedly recently enjoyed a break in sunny Spain.


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Putin is said to have headed to a ‘detox spa’ in Spain in order to unwind after recent trials and tribulations as the leader of Russia.

Putin took time out from his busy schedule running his country to relax at the Sha Wellness Clinic, near Alicante. 

Sha Wellness Clinic, which features 93 suites set in Zen gardens complete with swimming pools and waterfalls, is a celebrity favourite.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell, actress Gwyneth Paltrow and pop sensation Kylie Minogue are said to be huge fans of the luxury health spa, which was voted 7th best spa in the world by Conde Nast readers in 2010.  

And the spa promises a certain level of exclusivity too. A one night stay at its Royal Suite, which has a heliport service (obviously!) and private swimming pool, costs around €5,000 a night.

Or maybe Putin opted for the aptly-named Presidential Suite, which boasts a private terrace Jacuzzi and costs a more modest €1,800 a night?

Putin is said to have been on a detox diet of whole cereal grains, beans, vegetables and a daily cup of miso soup during his stay at the supermodel-endorsed resort, although he is reportedly back at work now. 


  1. President V. Putin deserves fitness health
    break, no problem ! The SHA wellness clinic in Spain Alicante is a prestigious efficient Spa.


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