‘Kill Jews’ town votes to change name

The town look set to change the name to something more Jewish-friendly.

The village of Castrillo Matajudios (which translates as ‘Kill Jews’) voted on Sunday in favour of changing its name. The residents have now decided to do-away with the offensive name. 

The name is a vestige of Roman Catholic religious persecution from over 400 years ago.


The town’s mayor, Lorenzo Rodriguez, has led the campaign to re-christen the village.

The story – which has been covered all over the world – has thrust its 56 mostly elderly inhabitants into the media spotlight in recent weeks, with the controversial name sparking global headlines.

Castrillo Matajudios  villagers cast their ballots at the same time as EU-wide elections for representatives in the European parliament wee taking place.

Reportedly, a majority (some 29 people) backed the new name of Castrillo Mota de Judios, or Hill of Jews. According to historical documents, the name is similar to the village’s original pre Spanish-Inquisition name.

El Pais said that 19 people had gone against the name change and some villagers did not vote.

A final decision on the name will take place at a town hall meeting to be held in June.

In 1492 Spain’s Catholic monarchs King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella ordered the expulsion of Jews from the country, and also decreed that Muslims should leave – or convert to Catholicism.


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