Increased social network violence

There has been a spate of inciting violence against politicians through social networks.

The Valencia courts have freed a young man who was detained for inciting violence against politicians through social networks.

Although free he will have to sign at his Local Police station three times a week until his case comes to court.


The 19-year-old celebrated the death, via ‘tweets,’ of the PP delegate for Leon, Isabel Carrasco, who was murdered by an ex-employee’s mother.

The young man was the first in Spain to be arrested for ‘expressing his agreement with the assassination of Isabel Carrasco’ according to the Twitter account of the Valencia courts.

The investigation began when the Guardia Civil got wind of a person using the social networks to agree with the violent killing.

After looking through Twitter they found several ‘tweets’ making reference to the killing including – “Good one! Let’s kill them all,” “more bullets to the head of the PP dogs” and “give me an AK47 and I’ll continue the spree.”

After searching the man’s residence they found data on his computer and mobile phone to back up their identification of this man as the suspect.


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