Almeria illegal homes under the spotlight

AUAN Chairman Maura Hillen speaking ahead of the filming.

Spanish television cameras came to Albox on Friday morning to film part of a documentary about the problem of planning irregularities in Spain.

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The team from ‘Comando Actualidad’ were at the Parrilla Hotel to talk to people affected by illegal homes in the area. The hard hitting documentary programme is shown on prime time national television on Spanish Channel, La 1.

Members of the AUAN pressure group and people caught up in the illegality of their properties were present in large numbers to show their discontent with the ongoing situation.

Monica Hernandez, the reporter from Comando Actualidad interviewed home owners who find themselves under threat of a demolition order, people with problems of land segregation or lacking the basic services such as water and electricity.

Two AUAN members present at the meeting were Alan and Val Boscott who purchased a property in Albox, starting the process in 2003 before moving over in 2005. They said: “Apart from the illegality of the house, it has been a dream. We put all our trust in a Spanish lawyer who dealt with everything while we were in the UK. We thought he would act in our best interests. We have been waiting for our Escritura since 2003 and have been involved in two court cases.

“Common sense dictates that nothing will happen, but it is always in the back of our minds. We deal with things as they crop up, however we really enjoy our life here in Spain”

Maura Hillen, Chairman of AUAN, spent the day with the film crew, visiting several properties in the area before finishing at the home of Mr and Mrs Prior, whose house was demolished in Vera in 2008.

The programme is due to be aired on Tuesday, May 27 at 10.30pm on Spanish Channel, La 1.


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