Drug gang busted in Malaga

Marijuana growing: at flats in Malaga.

A criminal group which was sending truckloads of marihuana to other European countries has been busted in Malaga.


The National Police have detained six members of the group who were in charge of planting and harvesting the drug in ‘grow house’ flats in Malaga or buying it off other local providers in various Andalucia provinces.


There are three Spaniards and three Dutchmen among the detained; these arrests are the last leg of a four-month long investigation.

Special agents within the investigation noticed that individuals who were being investigated all had a common contact which was located in the Malaga village of Rincon de la Victoria who, presumably, was dedicated to the buying, selling and cultivation of large quantities of the drug.

Through this discovery they were then able to unravel other parts of the organisation and determine exactly who did what. They found the ‘grow house’ flats in Malaga which were perfectly conditioned for the cultivation of marihuana as well as the storage of other ‘harvests’ which they bought from other growers.

They also discovered that the aim of the group was to store enough of the drug until they had a large enough quantity to fill a truck and send it to northern Europe.

Police intercepted a shipment as it was being unloaded at one of the store houses in Malaga, at the same time they raided another two flats in La Cala del Moral and Rincon de la Victoria where they detained the six men.

In one flat they found 278 plants with all the paraphernalia for growing indoors and in one of the store flats they found 72 kilos of processed drug, €82,000, a starter’s pistol two laptops and two BMW X5s.

The six men are on remand until their court case can be heard.


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