Mallorca Street Angels going strong

Angels: Making the streets a safer place.

Street Angels was launched about eight years ago and they are now in over 120 towns and cities across the UK.


They are made up of groups of volunteers, mainly Christians from local churches, who want to make a difference in their communities.

They do this in a very practical way, by caring for vulnerable people during the night. This might be helping people back to a place of safety like their hotels or homes, administering basic first aid or warning people of risks.

Since starting in the UK they have seen a massive reduction in violent crime, often over 50%, in the towns where they are working and have been honoured with numerous awards for their work.

Street Angels Spain, now starting in Magaluf, is the first adaptation of the concept here in Spain, and after a very successful trial season in Santa Ponsa they are ready to play their part in making the town a safer place.

This year they have the support of the Guardia Civil, Local Police and the British consulate which they are hoping will lead to a more ‘joined up’ thinking about the problems in Magaluf.

Their team has now completed most of the training sessions which have covered, among other things, personal safety, conflict resolution and first aid.

They will be out from 4am to 8am every weekend morning and hope to increase the days they can cover although that depends on getting more volunteers.

They are still looking for sponsorship and support as they are trying to purchase a road legal golf buggy which will enable them to help people back to their hotels which was a big part of their work last year; getting people back to their beds is a simple way of reducing theft and violence towards them.

If you are interested in supporting them, or want to become a volunteer, then please contact them through their website:  or facebook/StreetAngelsSpain



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