Making a bee-line for the UK

Photo: Cordon Press.
A swarm of bees hit London Victoria this morning.

The UK has been hit by a number of bee swarms, brought with the warmer weather.


Shoppers and commuters near Victoria Station this morning (Friday) were sent running for cover during rush hour as a huge swarm took over the area.  

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Thousands of European honey bees frightened passersby, forcing many to take cover in shops.  

Experts were called in to try to solve the problem as it was believed that the bees had sent scout bees to locate a new location to nest.

Reportedly, the colony was taken to Westminster Cathedral, where it is being looked after by beekeepers on the church’s roof.

Swarming is a natural part of the life cycle of bees and generally occurs when a colony splits, usually following a period of warm weather.

Although the likelihood of being stung by swarming bees is low, they should be avoided and a swarm collector contacted.

A primary school in Sussex was forced to shut this morning after they too were invaded by the stinging insects.

Parents at Woodlington Primary School were advised to keep children at home to avoid the risk of being stung after a nest with thousands of bees was discovered in the playground yesterday.

Hampshire also experienced bee problems. Some 20,000 bees made their home under the wheel arch of George Heal’s Nissan Micra.

George, 21, from Southsea, said: “It was a bit of a weird thing to see.

“I thought it was a bit dangerous considering there were a number of children in the area so I called the council.

“The bees were quite noisy but thankfully I’m not scared of them at all.”

Mr Heal contacted Portsmouth City Council who put him in touch with a bee collector.  



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