Eight years for homeowner stabbing

Balaclava: as worn by the robber.

A man has been sentenced to eight years and three months in prison for attempting to kill the owner of a house in Port d’Alcudia where he was caught stealing items in May 2008.


The events took place when the man entered the victim’s property after making holes in the fence several days earlier.

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He took a motorcycle, helmet and a bag containing keys, gloves and protective equipment, but as he was looking towards the house he was spotted by the owner.

He pulled down his balaclava and the woman attempted to get inside the house, but he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the floor.

As she screamed and tried to get away, he knelt on her chest and repeatedly banged her head on the floor.

She attempted to grab a knife but he got to it before her and stabbed her in the neck and arms three times.

A neighbour arrived at that moment and the intruder escaped through the fence, leaving objects and garments behind him, many covered in blood.

He been sentenced for attempted manslaughter, violent robbery and using deadly weapons.


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