Sting operation for Almeria beehive thief

Photo: Cordon Press.
The man had stolen hundreds of beehives.

Guardia Civil have arrested a man in Nijar for the theft of more than 300 bee hives.


The police arrested the 33 year old man on suspicion of stealing 323 hives from his neighbours, and for having burned the drawers that contained identification.

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Guardia Civil has charged him with 10 separate acts of theft, believed to have been carried out between late 2013 and early 2014.

When the investigation began, Guardia Civil suspected the thief to be an experienced bee-keeper and with an in-depth knowledge of bee-keeping facilities in the local area.

They concentrated their efforts in monitoring professionals in the area, and installing a number of discreet monitoring devices.

This led to them being able to identify the man’s vehicle.

They were aware that he recorded his apiary total as 170, scattered around Nijar, yet the actual count was much higher.

After examining a number of the man’s apiaries, they discovered hives with identity panels missing.

The enquiry remains open while Guardia Civil examine the potential involvement in other cases.

The man had already been arrested in April 2013 for hive thefts in other areas of Almeria.


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