Money in the streets

Money falling: one of the robbers threw money in the air

The streets of Vigo, Galicia, resembled a scene from a video game when four armed bank robbers tried to escape from the police; all fled in different directions, there were two shots fired, one of the robbers threw his loot in the air as a distraction, passers-by were astonished by all the action. “It looked like the Wild West” commented one eye witness.

All the action concluded with the four robbers being caught; they all had criminal records for similar crimes and were considered “very dangerous and violent” by the authorities.

One agent was injured when he was stabbed in the leg by one of the robbers. The police confiscated three pistols and a large knife as well as the stolen cash.

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The police presence at the scene of the robbery was not a coincidence; according to police sources they had information that the bank could be robbed at any time and, as such, they had many undercover agents in the area pretending to be telecommunications engineers or having a drink in the pizzeria opposite. Most of them were wearing bullet proof jackets as the gang is known to be very violent.

Police dismissed the idea of entering the bank to stop the robbery as this was considered too risky for the people inside; the robbers might have taken one of them hostage. They waited for the robbers to leave and then chased them down catching all four and recovering the money, with the help of the public, as some of it was floating around in the air.

For the moment the investigation is under court ordered silence with the aim of discovering if these four robbers have also been involved in other robberies in the area.

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