Carob pies European market launch

Carob pies to hit Northern Europe.

Carob pies, a traditional and very popular sweet in the Axarquia area, are to be launched on the European market by a local company.


Every day the Carmen Lupiañez factory produces between 80,000 and 100,000 of these local delicacies, of Arab origin, and now hopes to tempt the taste buds of northern Europeans.

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Managing director of the family business, Marcos Lupiañez, has explained that the factory has updated its machinery, packaging and distribution networks and is now in a position to sell its wares in other countries.

They plan to start with France, Germany and the UK.

Elias Bendodo, president of the Diputacion de Malaga provincial government, has congratulated the company and wished them well in the exporting of the “taste of Malaga”.

He also underscored the fact that all the ingredients in the pies were local to Malaga and, as such, this was a good promotional concept for the agricultural products of the province.


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