9,000 fake headphones worth €2 million

Fake headphones: Street value of €2 million

Guardia Civil in the port of Palma have found 9,000 pairs of fake headphones which price on the market would be over €2 million.

A 54-year-old man has been arrested and, as the investigation is ongoing; more arrests may be made once he has been interrogated.

Customs in Palma arrested the Argentinian man as the person presumed to be responsible for the shipment; he stands accused of crimes against intellectual property. The 40 foot container had a total of 8,920 pairs of headphones faked up to look like a well known, high quality brand. The police were waiting for the shipment as they had been tipped off about its arrival several weeks earlier.


The headphones had a street value of between €150 and €300 each and would have fetched a total of around €2 million if they had reached their target market.

Guardia Civil sources have confirmed that the investigation is ongoing and more arrests are sure to be made.


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