Spanish police officer stabbed

Photo: Dantadd.
The men had robbed an NCG branch in Vigo.

A police officer was stabbed in Vigo while attending the scene of a bank robbery at an NCG branch.


The thieves, who have now been arrested, had just robbed a bank in Coia, Vigo, at gunpoint. They were fleeing the scene with sports bags filled with cash when they were apprehended by police.

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A clash between the officers and the criminals ensued, and one policeman was stabbed. Two other officers were hurt in the struggle.

Following a tip off police had been guarding the branch and were nearby when the alarms were tripped. Several patrol cars made their way to the area immediately.

Two men were arrested for the robbery and another, who tried to make a getaway in a vehicle parked outside the bank, was detained for his involvement.

Witnesses described how they heard gunshots – fired by the police – and saw money strewn across the street during the tussle.



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