73 year-old evicted by sons

Photo: Mazintosh.
Dolores Ruiz was evicted from her home in Motril.

Dolores Ruiz, 73, has been evicted from her house by two of her sons despite an 8,200 signatures strong petition.


Several dozen neighbours tried to stop the eviction but to no avail – there were no major incidents and no police arrests.

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Dolores sold her house to two of her sons but instead of receiving payment from them she made the agreement that she would be able to go on living in the house for the rest of her life.

Her sons, and the courts agree, say that she should have been paying rent on the property all this time and, as such, she must move out.

Dolores insists that the whole matter is a swindle perpetrated by her ex-husband and two of her sons.

One of her sons, Fernando, made her sign papers which she later found out stated that she would pay rent to the company, formed by her sons, which now owned the house.

She was not aware of this at the time – and trusted her son to treat her correctly.

The whole family agrees that this move was the brainchild of her ex-husband from whom she had a less than amicable divorce.



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