Woman falls at Wells Cathedral

Photo: Rodw.
The woman fell at Wells Cathedral.

A UK woman had to be rescued after she became wedged between two turrets following a 20ft fall at Wells Cathedral.


The woman was taking a walking tour of the site when the accident happened.

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According to Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue services the woman was inside the tower when she fell and became trapped in a void between two walls 150ft up inside the bell tower.

Fire-fighters launched a rescue operation at the 160ft cathedral, with paramedics, a doctor and an RAF helicopter also joining the effort.

The 68-year-old suffered serious injuries including suspected broken wrists, a broken pelvis and abdominal injuries.

The woman was given pain relief before being winched up to a stable platform at the cathedral in Somerset.

From there she was taken onboard an RAF Sea King helicopter which took her to Bristol’s Frenchay Hospital.

A police statement said: “The woman was wedged between two turrets and suffered arm and pelvic injuries. An RAF helicopter assisted in the operation.”

All tours at the cathedral have been cancelled as a safety precaution.


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