Only 47% say ‘yes’ to independence

Photo: Flickr Energético.
Cataluñia Independence: less than half want it.

Contrary to popular belief only 47% of Catalonians would say ‘yes’ to an independent Cataluña if they were asked right now.


This is the main fact derived from the political survey done by the Centro de Estudios de Opinion (CEO); 19% would vote against, 8% would vote ‘yes’ to Cataluña being a state but not independent, 11% would abstain and 9% haven’t made their minds up.

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This is the preliminary report, requested by the president of the Generalitat (Cataluña regional government) Artur Mas, which is hoping to reflect what may happen on October 9 when Cataluña goes to the polls.

According to the survey many Catalonians are worried that if they become an absolutely independent state they will lose many advantages, including the right to be part of the European Community whereas if they remain a part of Spain and become an independent region they will be better off.



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