On Spain holiday – as son killed teacher

Photo: Cordon Press.
A nun comforts pupils after teacher Anne Maguire was killed.

The mother of the teenage boy suspected of stabbing Leeds teacher Ann Maguire, 61, to death on Monday was on holiday when the news broke about the killing.


Reportedly, the mother was on holiday in Gran Canaria when she heard the shocking news that her son was alleged to have killed his teacher at Corpus Christi Catholic College.

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Students have described how the boy had become increasingly withdrawn over recent months.

While he was academic and got good marks in most subjects he is said to have had few friends at school.

Sources have said that the boy lived with his mother after she divorced his father, who has since started a new family.  

The boy is said to have been interested in violent video games, heavy metal music and substance abuse.

West Yorkshire Police have said they are ‘aware’ of the suspect’s online presence and this data is ‘forming part of their investigation’.

Police could not begin questioning the boy straight away as his mother was not in the country and had not given parental consent. 


  1. You have to ask what kind of mother this boy had. It would appear the boy was left alone while his mother went on holiday. So typical of many modern parents!
    Did she not notice his demeanor, and how could any responsible parent allow a child to be ‘hooked’ on violent games? Surely there were enough danger signs, and if so, why did she not see them.


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