Mallorca to have cheaper flights

Better Connections between islands and mainland.

A plan to make flights to Mallorca cheaper and improve connections to the rest of Europe has been discussed.


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The president of the Govern (Mallorca Government), Jose Ramon Bauza, has been speaking to Ana Pastor (Minister for Development) about the possibility of allowing the airlines a ‘bonus’ for flying to the Balearic Islands.

This ‘bonus’ would consist of reducing the charges airlines have to pay so that this discount could then be passed on to the passengers thus increasing the attractiveness of the islands as a holiday destination.

Rafael Catala, head of infrastructure, commented that the government was doing everything in its power to better connect the islands with the mainland – especially with a view to encouraging more tourism.

Bauza called the meeting a success and hoped that the support from the mainland would continue to be positive.


  1. Why can I get a return flight to Santiago de Compostela for as little as 21 euros, from Palma, yet to visit my daughter in Ibiza it costs me 60 euros or more? ..with residents’discount. Even by Balearia to Ibiza is relatively expensive.


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