UK crime at lowest level in 33 years

RISE: Violent crime in the UK has surged according to police data. CREDIT: File pic

UK crime has fallen 15% in a year, with a big drop in violence, according to figures published by the Office of National Statistics.


The rates showed a sharp fall in violence, which was down by more than 20%, as well as vandalism, which fell by 15%.


Police figures differed, showing only a 2% fall in overall crime, a smaller decrease than in previous years.

In 2013 crime continued to fall, being 15% down and dropping to the lowest level since records began over 30 years ago.

Last year, there were 7.5 million crimes against households and adults in the UK.

However, the figures from the Crime Survey for England and Wales showed an increase in shoplifting of 6% and a 25% rise in fraud.

Crime Prevention Minister Norman Baker said: “We can have confidence that England and Wales are safer than they have been for decades, with crime at its lowest level since the survey began in 1981.

“The Government has a strong record on reinforcing the independence and accountability of the statistics.”

Following the figures Labour has warned against complacency and pointed to the fact that there are now fewer UK police officers, with forces across the country being more stretched than ever before.




  1. I think the O.N.S statistics are a smokescreen. I think Police figures are far more accurate.
    This is probably due to the increase in alcohol prices that have reduced the amount of ‘binge drinking’ among the youth.


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