Unusual newcomer to the island

Photo: Kumana/Wild Equines
A zorse - zebra/horse cross - has been born in Mallorca.

A zorse (cross between a zebra and a horse) has been born in Algaida, Mallorca. 


The zorse is the natural offspring of a 12-year-old zebra called Paquirri, and a mare called Julia, who live on a 25-hectare property where the owner has all kinds of equines.

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In fact, young Franquesa, as the brown, striped zorse has been named, has a ‘zonkey’ half brother, from when her father became intimate with a female donkey more than four years ago.

The owner says that for the same zebra to father two different types of zebroids is a rarity.

He claims to have been obsessed with exotic animals for years and bought a pair of zebra in Germany to join the horses and donkeys on his property.

He says that he has no intention of selling either of Paquirri’s unusual offspring, not even to a zoo, but that he is happy for people to take photos of them. 


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