Hidden treasure in Albox tower

The restoration work has thrown up a surprise or two.

For centuries, a proud swordsman had been watching Albox as it grew, and nobody knew.


That is, until now. The current restoration work on the Santa Maria church clock tower has thrown up one or two surprises, one of which is a weather vane in the shape of a swordsman.

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The Chacon brothers, David, Agustin and Juan, who are responsible for the metalwork restoration in the church, are responsible for resurrecting the two vanes that formerly presided over the church – this swordsman (or King) being one.

They are using the same traditional crafting techniques that would have been used three centuries ago, whenever possible.

Once replicated, this proud swordsman will once again stand aloft on the church, the tallest tower in Albox, sword raised, surveying and protecting the town.


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