Mallorca has best Easter tourism since 2002

Photo: Flickr by Bambo.
Best Easter: tourism is on the up.

Data confirms that Mallorca has had the best Easter week since the recession began in 2008.


Many hotels were 90% full, with some being 100% full.

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Before Easter started the president of the Spanish hoteliers association, Juan Molas, declared “it’s Easter and the Spanish want the beach” – and he was right.

The hostelry industry in Mallorca has been kept extremely busy over the past week with a massive influx of tourists, both national and international.

This improvement has been attributed to three principal factors; the good weather, the return of national tourism and Easter coinciding with the onset of summer.

The average hotel occupation in Mallorca was 75% but some hotels said they were up to 90% full and an elite group of hotels, including the Platja de Palma, were 100% occupied.

This influx of tourists has had a positive effect on bars, restaurants and other tourism related businesses as well as the hotels.


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