Andalucia cave painting destroyed

The cave is in Despeñaperros Natural Park.

A 5,000-year-old cave painting in Jaen has been destroyed by someone who attempted to remove it.


The painting was found 41 years ago in the Cueva de Los Escolares in Santa Elena, in the Despeñaperros Natural Park, and was declared a World Heritage site.


According to the local mayor, Juan Caminero, some locals visited the cave at the weekend and say dust and chippings on the floor where someone had apparently attempted to remove the piece of rock wall.

The mayor, who informed the Guardia Civil and the head of the natural park, said that the damage is irreparable and that locals are outraged.

The cave was found in 1973 by a group of schoolchildren, including the current mayor.

The painting was of a human figure with very long arms.


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