Torrevieja Council to eradicate mosquitoes

Torrevieja council is working on a plan to eradicate mosquitoes in the area.

Torrevieja council is working on a plan to eradicate the plague of mosquitoes that have descended on the residents around the Las Lagunas de Torrevieja and the La Mata areas in the last few weeks.


The company that has been put in charge of the eradication of this pesky plague has been told to take action as soon as possible.

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The low rainfall coupled with the intense heat in the area of late has pushed the mosquito population to greater numbers. This has affected people and animals alike and can be dangerous as well as just itchy.

A recent school trip almost turned into a health disaster when the children were bitten on any exposed skin causing the parents and teachers much concern.

The council is taking the plague very seriously as it can interrupt the holidays of tourists as well as the locals and, for a town that derives much of its income from tourism, this is a worry.



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