Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

David Cameron has been stung by a jellyfish during his holiday.

British Prime Minister David Cameron suffered a painful jellyfish sting while on holiday with his family in Lanzarote.


Tourists described how he came running out of the water shouting “Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!” and rubbing his arm in pain.

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The Prime Minister’s unfortunate encounter with the local wildlife came after he had just been warned about the presence of the jellyfish in the water on Arrieta beach; he had already removed his children but then waded straight back in for another dip himself.

A source close to the Prime Minister commented that “it was a pretty minor sting and did not require treatment”.

Mr Cameron, a keen swimmer and a member of the Chipping Norton lido outdoor pool in his Oxfordshire constituency, has been holidaying with his wife Samantha and the children in a GBP200–a-night spa resort. They are due back in the UK this weekend.

Expat local Wendy Lambert, who has lived on the Canary Island resort for 12 years, described the type of jellyfish that floated in local waters as “a reddy colour, quite small but with very long tentacles”. Her husband, Alan Lambert, pointed out that one local cure is for somebody to urinate on the affected area – he went on to comment that there would be no shortage of volunteers.

The jellyfish has refused to comment on the matter.


  1. ” He had just been warned about the presence of jellyfish …”.
    Shows you just how stupid Cameron really is when he went back into the water after the warning. What a prat.

  2. I am sure all the authorities and agencies involved did everything they could but unfortunately there was nothing they could do for the jelly fish
    However the jelly fish died but it has been already voted to become a national hero
    May the jelly fish rest in peace

  3. Well I don’t think anybody will feel sorry for you Mr Cameron. The painful sting of the most powerful one of your many lies hurt us too! The promise that you never intended to keep when you led us to believe that we would get referendum on Europe if we all voted for your conservative party.
    That jellyfish probably should’ve stung you more than once in my opinion 🙂
    For all the non believers you can watch the very man himself give his support for a referendum here!


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