Marbella’s trees are under threat

Marbella is well-known for its tree-lined avenues. Photo: Flickr Steve H.

Marbella City Hall’s plans to cut down many of the large trees in the centre of Marbella have been widely criticised.


Marbella is well-known for its tree-lined avenues and streets and many residents have strong feelings about these decorative elements, which have been part of their lives for many years.

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This has led to heated debates concerning the Council’s programme for tree replacement which would lead to the removal of entire rows of mature trees in some cases.

The Council’s argument is that they need to replace a significant number of trees which have deteriorated and since this will involve major road works they want to substitute all the existing trees in some streets, where space is limited, with other species which are smaller and more sustainable in the long term.

Opposition groups and ecologists do not agree and consider that only a minor number of the existing trees are in poor condition. 


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