El Bombo beach gets new sand

Beach Engineer: Manuel Bejar (centre).

Drops of up to two metres at a Mijas beach have been labelled a danger and will be repaired before the summer.


The drops at El Bombo beach, near Torrenueva, are where the sand was washed out to sea by strong tides and constant winds.

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Manuel Bejar, coastal engineer in charge of the project explained that the drops were a danger to beach-goers and must be resolved before the summer.

The aim of the works, which will begin in May and take no more than three weeks, is to have a minimum of 25 to 30 metres of sand on all of the beaches before the start of the season.

El Bombo is the only beach in the Mijas area which needs attention as all the others are clean and well maintained, said Bejar. He added that they were not affected by the storms.

The sand will come from the beach at La Cala as there is a surplus in that area.


  1. All along the coast similar situations exist. Marbella has again this year had tons of fresh sand dumped on the beaches to build them back up again.
    This must be costing millions, and yet no-one has taken the time to consider an artificial barrier off the beach to break the power of the waves and stop the sand erosion.


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