Baby death whistle-blower arrested

Madrid police are investigating the case. Photo: Felipe Gabaldon.

Police in Madrid have made a further arrest in relation to the alleged killing of a baby in 2012.


The parents of the baby, a 31-year old Equatorian woman and her Bolivian partner, 27, are already in custody.

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The third individual to be charged, a 45-year-old man, is the same person who reported the supposed crime.

He told police that his girlfriend had given birth to a baby, which later died and was buried in a park by the woman and her previous partner.

Police now think that the man had known of these events for some time but only reported them after having had an argument with the baby´s mother.

He is therefore considered to be guilty of withholding evidence.

A body has not yet been recovered but police have found a bone and the remains of a cardboard box in the park where the couple confessed to having buried the baby.

Investigations are underway to determine whether these discoveries can be linked to the reported crime.


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