Spain’s Civil War mass graves

The UN has issued a mandate requiring Spain to investigate.

Seventy-five years have passed since the end of the Spanish Civil War but more than 100,000 unidentified bodies remain buried.


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There are still many mass graves to be uncovered but no financial aid whatsoever has been forthcoming since the current government came into power.

Less than seven thousand bodies have been recovered to date, which leaves Spain second only to Cambodia in terms of the number of citizens who have disappeared and whose remains have never been found.

The United Nations has issued a mandate requiring Spain to investigate these unresolved cases but no apparent action has been taken.

Despite the government´s lack of support the task continues, albeit very slowly.

Many voluntary workers have offered their services, motivated by their compassion for the families whose loved ones are still missing.

The greatest wish of most of these descendants is to give their relatives a decent burial before they themselves cease to exist.


  1. There is also a trial going on in Argentina for crimes against humanity, which Spanish courts can no longer hear. thanks to legislation by present government changing universal justice laws. Spanish judges refused to extradite Franco era torturer for trial in Argentina. Trish Watson author Eternal Spain : crisis and corruption. kindle ebook.


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